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At Modern Apothecary we like to feel inspired and to inspire. All of our products are aimed to enhance and benefit our customers everyday life. 

Our philosophy is simple, we believe that success comes from a synergy of commitment, experience, attention to detail, dedication and innovation.  And, of course, unrivalled customer service with knowledgable staff who believe in our company ethos and products.

At Modern Apothecary we keep the environment in mind by using only plant-based formulas and recyclable containers. Each Modern Apothecary product contains a unique blend of essential oils, but what exactly are essential oils and why are they beneficial, well Essential oils are the concentrated oils found in plants (leaves, petals, stems, rind and roots). The spray you notice when peel an orange, the aroma you smell when you press an lavender between your fingers are the essential oils of those plants. Essential oils are composed of naturally occurring chemical compounds which have properties (such as antiseptic and antifungal). However, new research is indicating  that essential oils can have beneficial effects on moods and even memory! It's common for people to mistake synthetic fragrances with essential oils but once you get on the path of using essential oils in daily life, you'll never go back and your nose will know the difference!   

So let us bring some Canadian goodness into your life!